I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of the amazing yoga classes that you have been teaching in the park on Saturday mornings. They have become something that I literally have begun to look forward to all week. When you mentioned in class today that your yoga in the park classes may stop in a few weeks, I felt my heart sink a little bit. Your yoga class was the first outdoor yoga class that I have ever taken and I immediately fell in love. The park is such a calming back drop to your gentle and encouraging guidance throughout the class, it is very hard to imagine not being able to continue with the weekly sessions. I truly adore your classes so much it’s difficult to put into words. I really hope that you’re allowed to continue to teach the community. It would be a huge loss for the community to end them. Thank you again for all of the beautiful practices you have lead me through thus far!
— Jessica Tork, Assistant Costume Designer "This Is Us" NBC season 3
Low key, welcoming and immersive, Alex’s class is great whether you’re a newbie like me or a pro like her regulars. She’s really there for you and your experience, AAA+++ would 🧘‍♂️ 🙏 again!
— Kaleb Havens, Los Angeles Catholic Worker
Tonight Alex guided a few Monday Night Mission family through a physical bending, mind clearing and spiritual awakening of oneself through yoga. The beginning of my first yoga class Alex asked us to dedicate the session to someone or something. As the deep breathing and poses began another dear friend began a chant of thankfuness to all things life and our ancestors. This chant was in remembrance of Olivia Grace Jackson whom I dedicated my session to. Olivia’s spirit was present as each breath I took on the rooftop as the day slowly dimmed with a sunset that kissed goodnight to the twinkling stars and planets above. Thank you Alex for teaching us the beauty and deepness of the spirituality of yoga. I look forward to next Tuesday underneath the starlit sky. Namaste.
— Denise Mendoza, Community Development County of Los Angeles
Alex is an amazing and highly experienced guide and community activist. She is one of the few yoga teachers in LA to instruct in English and Spanish, to broaden yoga’s appeal in LA’s diverse communities. VoyageLA just did a great article on her; check it out. The best part is even though she is fast becoming a celebrity yogi, she still teaches free classes as part of her philosophy of making yoga accessible to all!
— James Todd, Downtown Los Angeles Neighbourhood Council
Thank you for such a wonderful yoga class on Catalina Island. I thought you did a phenomenal job and I especially loved the spiritual intricacies added to that session. That’s exactly what my clients needed and I really enjoyed taking the class as well.
— Dr. Lori Lynn Mann, LMFT, Psy. D,, TIER Adventure Therapy