Yoga has literally changed my life, and I think it will change yours as well. Yoga is a sanctuary and a practice to tune in to your own inner voice. Getting your body into a pose is a small part of the practice, and it’s just one of many ways to practice. We are interested in your willingness to explore your reaction to the pose, mantra, or kriya. How does it feel? Because the more you get to know yourself on the mat, the easier it is to be your authentic self in the world. All of my classes are non-competitive, mixed levels because yoga isn’t one size fits all and it’s about listening to your own body and moving from within. You don’t need fancy tights or equipment, all you need is your body and breath to practice yoga.


Private Sessions

Tights not included, but yoga mats are. Get one on one attention during your private yoga or reiki session.



Thank you for such a wonderful yoga class on Catalina Island. I thought you did a phenomenal job and I especially loved the spiritual intricacies added to that session. That’s exactly what my clients needed and I really enjoyed taking the class as well.
— Dr. Lori Lynn Mann, LMFT, Psy. D,, TIER Adventure Therapy
Alex is an amazing and highly experienced guide and community activist. She is one of the few yoga teachers in LA to instruct in English and Spanish, to broaden yoga’s appeal in LA’s diverse communities. VoyageLA just did a great article on her; check it out. The best part is even though she is fast becoming a celebrity yogi, she still teaches free classes as part of her philosophy of making yoga accessible to all!
— James Todd, Downtown Los Angeles Neighbourhood Council
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